Interesting places in Osaka Japan

Published: 01st July 2010
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Have you ever wondered if Osaka, Japan has other factors to provide aside from its animatronics? Well, they do have other points and which is what we will talk about.

In Doguya-suji, you can have a taste of Japan's cuisine without investing anything. This distinctive buying street of Japan sells almost all products such as kitchen utensils along with other food delicacies. Most from the citizens make a living right here at this exact spot. Colorful lanterns are used for lighting the complete market with busy folks walking around town.

Tenno-ji Park, the Japanese style garden in the town is actually really serene and tranquil. Whenever you want to carry a break in the noisy and complex way of life from the urban living, just walk here and you will witness an incredible view on the botanical gardens. Vibrant flowers, stones and trees outline the park. It also carries a zoo, museum and old tomb which you'll be able to visit and acquire photos of. Kaiyukanim, the primary leisure complex in the town features the greatest whale shark you possibly can clearly observe within the flesh. The 8-story aquarium is really a residence for 39,000 sea creatures of different species.

Castle trekkers, go to Osaka-jo Castle and encounter the nostalgic really feel of the constructing. Japanese soldiers on the early period are popular to their nation. As well as those men, their symbolic helmets, armors and coats are revered as well that is why they are becoming exhibited right here in this spot to give recognition towards the valor on the Japanese soldiers. The oldest Buddhist temple in Japan, Shitenno-ji Temple that was inspired by the Chinese culture can be found here also. Garden, statues and wall paintings are the worthy items to determine within this land.

So, go ahead and explore the wonder of Osaka and tell your self that Japan is not only a house for distinct animations but to tourist attractions as properly.

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